What Are Silvanas

Is a Frozen Cookie that consists buttercream sandwiched meringue wafers coated with ground cashews. 


La Dulce, brings this Philippine favorite desserts first here in Seattle. 


Our Silvanas are made of 100% organic cashews, and a well balanced texture of meringue. They are delicious and seriously addicting! 

Premium Quality
ube (2).jpeg

Classic Silvanas

The classic or the original Silvanas, made from 100% organic cashews. Plain delicious with rich buttercream.

Ube Silvanas

Vibrant purple! made from sweet purple yam a famous Philippine dessert, a balance texture of meringue cookies makes it our most popular Silvanas! 

mango-2 (1).jpeg

Mango Silvanas

One bite is not enough for our Mango Silvanas! A sweet taste from the tropical paradise.


Matcha Silvanas

It's so Matcha better! Delectable treat is made from Organic Matcha (a japanese green tea) It's lightly sweet with a the delicious meringue crunch makes it an awesome treat! 

biscoff-2 (1).jpeg

Biscoff Silvanas

What's more exciting than having the best of both worlds. Europe's favorite cookie (Biscoff Lotus) together with Philippine's favorite dessert! 

coffee-2 (1).jpeg

Coffee Silvanas

What's Seattle without Coffee Silvanas,  a sensational smooth and creamy coffee dessert you can always have. Morning, Noon or  Midnight! 

choco mint (1).jpeg

Chocolate Peppermint Silvanas (seasonal)

This lusciuos chocolate peppermint filled with indulging chocolate buttercream covered with crushed chocolate bits and candycanes. Undoubtedly a holiday favorite cheer!